Making our information accessible

Information in Alternative Formats
Did you know that, upon request, we can provide any of our information in a wide range of formats including:

  • large print / different coloured paper or text
  • braille
  • recorded onto a tape
  • alternative language
  • Easy Read

To find out more, simply contact us by:

Calling us by telephone on 01652 251011

Interpreter Service
To assist you with face to face or telephone contact with us, we can also arrange for you to be supported by:

  • British Sign Language interpreters
  • Hearing loops
  • Foreign language interpreters (face to face or telephone)  

The link takes you to a range of health information which is already available in alternative languages.

Our aim is to make sure you can access our services so if your needs are not covered by the information on this page, please let us know.