Health Matters 5

Introduction from Dr Margaret Sanderson, Chair, NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Thank you for coming to our Health Matters 5 Public and Stakeholder engagement event at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe in March; or our ‘Bite-sized’ evening meeting a week later.  This event brought together a number of different local health and social care organisations to talk about some of their plans, answer questions and listen to people’s experiences and views.  More than 130 people attended and we hope that you found the experience as informative and worthwhile as we did.

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the outcomes from the event and what has happened since then, which can be found our Health Matters 5 Feedback Report which has been provided by the staff and representatives from the organisations involved.

In response to the feedback from participants at previous Health Matters we altered the format of the event to allow more time in between the formal presentations and discussion groups for people to visit the ‘market place’, and we lengthened these sessions to allow time for more discussion.  We also provided a ‘Sofa Zone’ area where people could come and speak to us in private about their personal experiences of health and care services.

We have looked at the session evaluation forms we asked you to complete, 85% of participants at the day time event and 90% of people at the bite-sized meeting said they rated the event overall as either good or excellent.

People said they liked:

  • The use of the hand held voting devices enabled good audience participation
  • Being able to engage one-to-one in the ‘Sofa Zone’ to talk about their experiences and be listened to
  • The opportunity to network with so many organisations in the room together
  • The range and variety of market stall (not always the same offer as previous event)
  • Very useful to have an evening session

Participants said areas for improvement were:

  • More time in workshops and in the presentation sessions – some felt rushed with not enough time to fully explore the topics being discussed
  • The sessions are ruled by constant interruptions and pointless questions - conclude presentations without allowing repeated questions, and then provide an opportunity for people with questions to ask these outside.
  • Better public representation is needed to make these events more effective – more diverse audiences
  • Better presentations – less cluttered slides

We also asked people what they would like to see included in future events and suggestions included:

  • The role of the Community Sector in health & care provision – re funded and non-funded provision including potential
  • How health and social care will increasingly ‘gel’ together in delivery to the service user/patient/family/community
  • Integration of health and social care locally- with N Lincs senior council rep to talk!
  • I realise mental health has already been discussed but it is obviously a priority from the interest today
  • Ways into services to support young people struggling with mental health concerns
  • Learning disabilities in North Lincs
  • What has been agreed for STP
  • More about dementia
  • Patient transport criteria
  • Progress in the grand scheme of joining up services, latest news. PPG involvement in setting things up.
  • Standard of care after surgery in wards
  • More information about Out-of-Hospital care and the procedures that will be moved to local clinics
  • How social prescribing will look in North Lincolnshire and how sectors will work together
  • Health care for acquired brain injury patients
  • Supporting carers through their caring journey

We will use the information from this evaluation to plan our next Health Matters event which will take place in early October.  Once we have a date and venue confirmed we will share that with you.  The format of the event will be different this time.  We do not intend to have a market place; instead we plan to have more discussion group workshops and interactive sessions.  We hope you can join us.

If there is a subject area you would like to see covered in Health Matters 6 please let us know (contact details are below).

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