Expert Patient Programme

Expert Patient Programme is a FREE self –management course for people living with a long-term health condition to help them take control of their lives, and to avoid their condition dominating their lives.

Participants on this course gain the knowledge, skills and support to effectively self-manage and live life to its full potential.

The course is run over six weekly sessions, each session lasts around two and a half hours - with a substantial break in the middle. 

Areas that will be covered in the sessions include:

  • How to manage your symptoms               
  • Dealing with pain and fatigue
  • Relaxation and distraction techniques      
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Improving your communication skills 
  • Problem solving
  • Medication

The courses are aimed at wide groups of people, reflecting diversity in terms of health conditions, age groups and backgrounds Experience shows that we all share a number of similar challenges as a result of living with a long term condition.

This programme allows the individual to find solutions to those challenges as a group, despite the fact that each individual’s health conditions may be very different. We also accommodate your carers, advocates and translators to support you on the programme.

Expert Patient Programme Courses 2017 -2018

Get in touch to find out more about the programme - Call 01724 298421 or 298409

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To complete your own referral forms go to or you can download an EPP Referral Form here and complete the form and return it to contact details provided. 

For more information, download the Expert Patient Programme leaflet.