Event shows that Health Matters to people in North Lincs

Last week, on 1st March the CCG’s Health Matters 5 event saw more than 170 members of the public and stakeholders come together in the Baths Hall, to talk about future plans for health and care in North Lincolnshire.

The event is the fifth event of this type carried out by the CCG to engage with local people interested in discussing issues surrounding local health care services and the national pressures and policies affecting them. The number of people attending the event has increased and those involved in the event were pleased with the level of interest from local people.

Topics discussed included future plans for health and care, the Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), thinking differently about accessing GP services and prescribing and managing medicine choice and waste. People's thoughts and views on these subjects were welcomed and people asked questions and voiced their opinions, and took advantage of the opportunity to chat to professionals from various organisations throughout the day.

Key presentations at the event were interactive with the audience asked to vote and provide their input to questions posed on the various subjects being discussed. This provided instant and valuable feedback that informed further discussions. 

In addition to this, workshops were also held on surgery outcomes and mental health support. Participants were asked to explore how outcomes for patients following surgery could be improved by improvements made to the patient’s health prior to surgery, such as weight loss and stopping smoking.

On the topic of mental health people considered the ways in which services could be delivered to improve the support given to people to enable them to make progress with their recovery.

Staff from the CCG provided information on key aspects of work and they were joined by display stands from a selection of providers and organisations from North Lincs Council, Healthwatch, Cloverleaf Advocacy, NLaG, RDaSH and Virgincare.

Evaluations and feedback from staff who attended the Health Matters 5 event will be gathered in the coming weeks and a final report produced.

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