NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) IAF Rating

NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has received an overall rating of “inadequate” from NHS England for its performance during 2016/17.

The rating is largely based on the organisation’s financial position which deteriorated last year.

Despite financial difficulties, over the past year the CCG has made progress in some areas, particularly in mental health where it is rated good.

Chief Officer Liane Langdon said that while the rating was disappointing, the CCG believed it had a good understanding of how the issues had come about and had already begun to do what was needed to move in the right direction.

Ms Langdon said: “We started to talk to our local population back in February about the serious financial pressures we were experiencing and some of the things that might need to be done to enable local health services to live within their means again.”

The CCG has already established a dedicated finance and performance committee chaired by members of the community to ensure robust scrutiny, and is working on a recovery plan in partnership with the local hospital trust. Part of this involves looking at what works well in other health systems and the CCG is supporting GPs and hospital doctors to work together to shape services differently to improve quality and reduce financial waste to make the available funding go further.

“It is clear achieving financial balance will require a fundamental and significant change to the way we organise and deliver services,” said Ms Langdon. “For example, we have been setting good foundations for the future with the development of Care Networks where health, care and voluntary organisations work together to deliver better health and care services in communities and reduce unnecessary stays in hospital.”

“Making sure local people are fully aware of and understand what is happening with their NHS is very important to us as we work with the Trust around proposals to return our health system to financial balance in the short term, and make it affordable into the future.

“These proposals have been built on engagement activities with local people and those working in the NHS such as doctors and nurses, and will be part of further conversations with patients, stakeholders and the wider public in the near future.”

Dr Peter Melton, Clinical Chief Officer of neighbouring NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG, commented: "We are working very closely together to try and address the challenges of delivering high quality care within the current financial challenges."

The annual ratings are published on the CCG Improvement and Assessment page of the NHS England website and on the My NHS section of the NHS Choices website.

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