Putting People at the Heart of Health Care in North Lincolnshire

Patients and their families are being asked to help local GPs make some of the big decisions about health care in North Lincolnshire.

Changes in the NHS mean family doctors are now responsible for designing, developing and buying local health services. This is because GPs know their patients better than anyone else in the NHS, seeing many of them through the different stages of their lives such as childhood, maternity or old age.

The North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has launched a scheme to put the experiences of patients and their families right at the heart of the decisions they make in the future so they can design better services.

Many people complain that often their experience of NHS care leaves them feeling more like a number rather than a person.  They often get the right care and the medical treatment they expect but feel that the human element is missing.

Over the coming months, the CCG will ask groups of people to talk to them about their experience (or the experiences of people they have cared for) of different aspects of care and treatment so we can provide more services in the future that treat you as a person, not just as a patient.

The programme is currently looking at two areas, living with a life-limiting illness and living with a long term health condition. Talking about your health and experiences of healthcare isn’t easy when you’re not well but these are areas of care that North Lincolnshire CCG wants to get right and make sure everyone gets the support that matters most to them.

“Listening to the real experiences of patients and their families will help us to put people at the very heart of everything we do,” explains Jane Ellerton, Experience Led Commissioning Lead for North Lincolnshire CCG. “Focussing on what has really mattered or made a difference to people at some of the most difficult times in their lives will help us improve the care experienced by patients in the future.”

Dr Andy Lee, of North Lincolnshire CCG, added: “Improving care for people with long term conditions and for anyone at the end of their life are two of the most important issues for the NHS both now and in the coming years. We want to use the experiences of North Lincolnshire people to help identify what works well and what needs to change.”

If you are living with a life-limiting condition or you look after (or have cared for someone in the past) a relative or friend and would be willing to share your experiences to help us to improve future services, the CCG would really like you get in touch with a view to attending an event to be held on December 5th.

We would also like to hear about the personal experiences of people living with multiple long term conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease, who go to regular out-patient clinics. The CCG would like to look at how care could be delivered to better meet their needs, allowing people to live with their condition rather than have to plan their lives around it.

If you feel you could help us, please contact Jane on 01652 251075 or by email on

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