North Lincolnshire CCG asks people to choose wisely and know where to get treatment and health care advice over the bank holidays.

Choosing the right place for treatment if you are unwell or injured could help you to still enjoy the bank holidays ahead. Being prepared can help you deal with any unexpected health problems that could alter and spoil your plans, by having a well-stocked medicine cabinet and first aid kit and knowing when and where to seek help. To help you treat [...] Read more

New Direction for Patient Transport in North Lincolnshire

NHS North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would like to hear your views to help us commission a new Patient Transport Service (PTS). NHS Funded Patient Transport Services (PTS) exist to support people to get to and from hospital when they are too poorly or are otherwise physically unable to manage the journey themselves. Thames [...] Read more

Stay Safe in the (unpredictable) British Sunshine

Even though it feels like we have just come out winter, it is important to take care of your skin when you are out and about enjoying the spring sunshine. Sunburn can be very painful and potentially dangerous, it can also increase your chance of developing skin cancer in future years so it is important you take steps to protect yourself and your [...] Read more

Your opportunity to get your finger on the pulse of local healthcare

The NHS is rarely out of the news these days but members of the public have an opportunity to hear the latest developments directly from the organisation that plans and buys local healthcare services. NHS North Lincolnshire CCG is holding its next regular Governing Body Meeting on Thursday 12th April and members of the public are invited to attend [...] Read more

Changes to the offer of gluten free products available on prescription.

NHS North Lincolnshire CCG is changing the range and quantities of gluten free items that will be provided on prescription locally. Gluten free bread and flour will be available on prescription up to a limited monthly amount, which will continue to provide patients with a supply of gluten free products. However, items such as cereals, pasta and [...] Read more

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