Operational Plan 2016/2017

Operational Plan 2016/2017 for North Lincolnshire CCG 

The NHS 5 Year Forward View was published in 2014 and set out a five-year journey for the NHS. It described a future that should have more focus on prevention and public health; patients with greater control of their own care and a breakdown of barriers in how care is provided.

To support this new Models of Care have been proposed that describe care delivered in a much more integrated way than currently delivered. This narrative builds on the CCG’s previous annual operational plans and our 5 year strategic plan 2014/15 to 2018/19 and reflects the next stage of our journey.

This document forms part of the North Lincolnshire CCG operational plan for 2016/17 and should be read in conjunction with the finance, activity, resilience, BCF, Transforming care and Primary Care Transformation Fund submissions.

This document represents the operational plan for North Lincolnshire CCG for 2016/17 and also forms year 1 of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for 2016/17 – 2020-2021. The Sustainability and Transformation Plan builds on this North Lincolnshire plan and plans of the other CCGs within the STP footprint to provide a strategic plan over the larger footprint where collaborative working will enhance the overall system management and delivery. Work continues with the other footprint CCGs to complete a full gap analysis and further develop the STP by June 2016.

Read the full CCG Operational Plan here