Quality Strategy and Quality Assurance Framework 2017 - 2019

Quality Strategy 2017- 2019

This quality strategy sets out the approach of North Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NL CCG) to quality in the commissioning and monitoring of services. It outlines our responsibilities, describing what we mean by the term quality and how we will assure ourselves that people within the population we serve receive high quality care. 

The CCG has a statutory duty to commission high quality care for the local population which includes the scrutiny of all providers, in addition assurance is required by the Governing Body that the continuous improvement in quality of care is being achieved in our commissioned and co-commissioned services.

We cannot do this in isolation and our Quality Assurance Framework sets out how we are mobilising and using our resources to meet our responsibilities and supports delivery of this strategy.

Quality Assurance Framework 2017 - 2019

This Quality Assurance Framework will define the CCG’s approach to meeting its objectives in relation to quality and will support CCG staff in exercising their duty of care to the population of north Lincolnshire.

The aim of this framework is to facilitate delivery of the NLCCG Quality Strategy and it will identify and monitor key areas of service redesign in order to give assurance that benefits are realised for North Lincolnshire patients.

The CCG’s approach to quality development and assurance is based on the principles of the NHS Outcomes Framework which identifies that patient safety; experience and effectiveness are key drivers in reviewing and improving care, and the CCG has a duty to ensure that these key aspects of good quality are integrated into all of its activities.