Strategic Plan 2014/15 - 2018/19

Strategic plan for the commissioning of high quality services 2014/15 - 2018/19

In June 2014 we published the North Lincolnshire strategic plan that sets out our key priorities for the coming years.  We are faced with a limited budget for healthcare in North Lincolnshire but we know that demand for services will continue to rise as we see an increasing aged population and consequently more people living with long term conditions.  Our five year plan sets out how we will respond to this challenge and ensure that patients are able to access high quality care in the most appropriate location.

Our vision puts the patient at the centre of care:

  • We want to put the resources in place that will allow people to make the right lifestyle choices to benefit their long-term health and prevent problems in later life.
  • We want to enable people to look after their own everyday healthcare needs and have the knowledge and confidence to self-manage any long term conditions they may develop so that they can remain independent and in their own home for as long as possible.
  • We will look to raise public awareness of the many local groups, programmes and support services available that can help people to stay mentally and physically well.
  • Many health services will be increasingly delivered within community based venues, close to people’s homes, with integrated patient transport services available for those patients with restricted mobility.
  • Where hospital care is needed by a patient, it will be of the highest quality wherever it is delivered.
  • Where people need to access a range of care providers for treatments or support, we want to make sure that they are clear about who is co-ordinating this and that their care experience is seamless.

Most of all, we want to ensure that public and patient voice is at the centre of every decision we make about designing and purchasing healthcare services for you.  So please get involved by reading the plan, coming to future engagement events, such as the events taking place as part of our Healthy Lives Healthy Futures consultation, or by joining our new patient member network, Embrace, and telling us what you think.

Read the full plan here.
Read our ‘plan on a page’ here.