Your pharmacy can provide you with much more than just dispensing medicine. Pharmacists are highly-trained and qualified professionals and they can offer you advice on treating many minor illnesses and ailments, such as coughs and colds, or long-term conditions such as asthma, arthritis or diabetes. They can also give you advice on keeping healthy by eating well, stopping smoking and taking part in exercise.

Pharmacies have longer opening hours than GPs, you don't need an appointment to see one and most have a consultation area where you can speak privately.

For contact information and opening times for local pharmacies visit the Find Pharmacy Services on the NHS Choices website and type in your postcode to find your local pharmacies.

Minor Ailments Service

Pharmacies throughout North Lincolnshire offer this fast and convenient service where you can be assessed and, if required, prescribed medication for a range of minor injuries and ailments by your local pharmacist, instead of going to see your GP or A&E.

To use the Minor Ailments Service you simply need to be registered with a local GP and be able to provide their details to the pharmacy. There’s no need to make an appointment and the service is free – you only pay for your prescription (unless you are exempt).

Ailments the service can help with include viral symptoms, skin conditions, allergies, sprains and strains, bites and stings, minor infections and general aches and pains. You can also get advice and treatment for many common children’s problems like nappy rash, teething pain, colic, worms, verrucae and head lice.

Click here to find your nearest pharmacy that offers the Minor Ailments Service.

Dental Services

The emergency dentist can be contacted on 01724 858969.