What is Commissioning?

What is Commissioning?

In very simple terms, health care commissioning is the process of deciding what health services people living in North Lincolnshire need and ultimately buying these services on behalf of the population.

The commissioning process is more complicated than that, however, and comprises a range of activities, including:

  • assessing needs
  • planning services
  • procuring services
  • monitoring quality. 

The process, which is repeated typically on an annual basis, is often shown as a cycle:

(Commissioning Cycle image courtesy of NHS England)

Services are bought from providers such as hospital trusts and private and voluntary organisations. To pay for the services local people need, NHS North Lincolnshire CCG receives a set amount of money from the government.

There is a very useful guide to Commisisoning on the King's Fund website that you can view by clicking here.

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