Expert Patient Programme

Trying to cope with one or more long-term conditions? Need some help managing? The Expert Patient Programme (EPP) is a FREE, six week course for anyone living with any long-term health condition(s) that is delivered by trained tutors who are also living with a long-term condition.

The EPP aims to help you take more control of your health by learning new skills to manage your condition better on a daily basis.

The course looks at a range of topics including pain management, exercise and relaxation, how to communicate your needs and planning for the future.

People who have taken part in an EPP course have reported that it has helped them to:

  • Feel confident and more in control of their life
  • Manage their condition and treatment together with healthcare professionals
  • Be realistic about the impact of their condition on themselves and their family
  • Use their new skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life

Ask your GP or practice nurse to refer you onto the programme or you can book onto it yourself.

You can download a copy of the Programme Referral Form or you can register and complete the referral online - Complete Online Referral

You can contact the EPP team direct at or on 01724 298404. The team can take your booking over the phone or post out a copy of the referral form to you.

For more information, download the Expert Patient Programme leaflet.

'Living life to the full with a long-term condition - Linda's story'

Linda Shaw is a local patient who has been through the Expert Patient Programme and found it to be of enormous benefit. You can read her story on page 11 of issue 3 of our newsletter, Health Linc. Click here to download the newsletter (PDF, 4.6MB)